Aakeem allahjah

Aakeem is a sophomore at Yale University from Los Angeles, California majoring in Economics. He attended Santa Monica High School where he played Baseball and was heavily involved in multiple clubs promoting literacy within the community. Growing up in Southern California, he could commonly be found at the beach, riding his bike or skateboarding around the city.

Aakeem's passion for teaching stems from his mother, raising both he and his sister on her own she also homeschooled both of them through the 8th grade and sent both of them to Yale University. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles before moving to the beach city of Santa Monica, he witnessed firsthand the disparities existent between the two education systems.

At Yale, Aakeem serves as the Financial Director for Urban Improvement Corps, works at the Yale Athletics Ticketing Office, is a member of Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments, and is a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Fun Fact: Last winter was Aakeem's first time in snow.