Adriana Arcia

Adriana is a rising First-Year in Pierson College planning to major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. She was born in Managua, Nicaragua and moved to Gainesville, Florida when she was two years old. Just before starting elementary school, she moved to Miami, Florida and lived there until coming to Yale. She has three brothers and an adorable American Bulldog named Benji. 

In high school, Adriana was the President of Book Club, Vice President of the National History Honor Society, and Secretary of Philosophy Club. It was through these clubs that she discovered an intense passion for working with people and a deep curiosity for how they think. At Yale, she is involved with Yale Club Gymnastics and ¡Oye!, a multicultural spoken word group, both of which are some of her new favorite hobbies.

One of the most important experiences in her life took place this past summer, when she worked as a counselor/instructor for TIGER Camp. She worked hard to design tutoring curriculums in Math and English for kids 3-8, and came to truly appreciate the dedication and care that goes into teaching.

She is very excited to be working with the Urban Improvement Corps and to continue learning, teaching, and growing through mentorship.