Alejandra Corona Ortega

Alejandra is a freshman in Yale. She is from Puebla Mexico, but she has been living in New Haven for six years. She went to Hillhouse High School but graduated from The Sounds School. She came into the U.S. without knowing English. Early on she realized that Yale offers an educational atmosphere that is hard to find in the New Haven public system, which led her to question her possibility of ever being part of such institution; however, she has to thank her family and countless mentors for their commitment to her education. A Latino household allowed her to feel proud of being Mexican-her heritage is something that she should celebrate. However, she always felt that her only Spanish-speaking parents would thwart her education; fortunately she later learned that this situation made her independent, caring and aware of the issues that many Latinos face nationwide. She was an English tutor this summer at JUNTA for Progressive action and found it incredibly rewarding and hopes to receive the same from this program.

Favorite saying: “We are not the smartest of our people, we are the luckiest.” Make sure you are doing your best everyday and that you are taking advantage of every opportunity offered to you. Advocate for your education and for your right to opportunities, if something is not given, ask for it because one day it will be your job to offer opportunities to those who can’t get them now.