Reaiah Rutherford, 10th grade: "UIC has been great this past year. They encouraged and inspire me to do so much. Without them, I wouldn’t have taken the SAT Subject test, nor would I have known how to study for it. I attended their computer science program on Saturdays, and I loved it. I learned a lot and now I know that I have an interest in studying it. I appreciate the program and what they have done for my friends and me. This program means a lot to me, and its something I look forward to every week."

Abe Colon, parent: "This program has transformed our son Gabriel Colon. Lysander's care and attention to Gabriel has been amazing. Their interaction and the manner by which Lysander carefully brings out in Gabriel the knowledge needed for his academic success has been short of miraculous. Lysander's use of his own personal and academic experiences have motivated Gabriel's arithmetic abilities from an almost failing student to one who is now working on a "B" average. Our hope is that the program continues next year and Gabriel will be allow to participate. This program is a catalyst for all students that endeavor a better academic future. As one who participated in Yale's Ulysses Grant program and transformed my life, this program will also have an indelible impact on all those involve."

Jair Edwards, 10th grade: "At first, when I was told that I was being put into a tutoring program I was against it, I didn’t think that I needed it, but since starting the UIC program I have really enjoyed being apart of it and it is something I look forward to every week when I meet with my tutor. He has helped me find a passion in writing and I know that there is more to come with him. I would recommend this program to anyone because you don’t only find a tutor but you find a friend."

Jodi Naftel, parent: "Jos went above and beyond not only in helping Vanessa academically, but in giving her great advice for applying to college next year. Also she recommended various additional resources that has helped Vanessa tremendously during and after her UIC semester. Vanessa was a very nervous tester before UIC, but since she now has a strong foundation of all subjects on the test it has calmed her down; this is also noticeable in the significant increase in her test scores. She is more organized than ever before and ready to start senior year!"