Bianca Howell

Bianca is a first-year in Timothy Dwight College from Queens, NY who is currently interested in pursuing a B.A. in Sociology and African American Studies and a certificate in the Education Studies program. She is a member of the Prep for Prep program and an alumna of The Spence School.

At Spence, Bianca realized her passion for equity and social justice work, student government, a Capella, and mentorship. She also explored her interest in ceramics, poetry, and spoken word.

Bianca’s dedication to mentorship and social justice work is rooted in the double-consciousness she developed as a low-income, first generation student in a predominantly white and affluent school environment. Bianca hopes to use the educational privileges she has been afforded to increase equity in her home, New York City, specifically the New York City public school system, after graduating from Yale.

For the past three years, Bianca has worked as an Advisor at Prep for Prep where she gave advice, emotional support, and tutoring to students in grades 6-8 as they progressed through the program. Bianca attributes much of her emotional intelligence, resilience, and empathy to her work experience at Prep for Prep.

At Yale, Bianca is a member of WORD, Yale’s oldest spoken word group, works as a Staffer at the Women’s Center, and is a tutor with the Urban Improvement Corps.

Not-so-fun (but very necessary) fact: Bianca is severely allergic to bananas!