UIC's Programming Core aims to inspire underprivileged students to pursue opportunities in computer science by teaching them introductory web development. This year-long workshop will teach students how to build their own websites and create basic games using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They will hear from young entrepreneurs of color about how they got started in Computer Science and see a college hackathon firsthand. By sparking an interest in computer science at such a young age, we hope to increase the number of underrepresented students pursuing opportunities in the tech world. Computer Science is a rapidly growing field, yet it still greatly lacks in diversity. Through the workshop, UIC hopes to encourage minorities to join the tech industry as developers, designers, and programmers. Please email for more information! 


UIC's Music Core provides students with the unique opportunity to learn the basics how the music industry works, as well as the opportunity to experiment with professional music production and recording equipment. This sort of program is unique in its broad approach to music and perfect for any high schooler who is considering pursuing a career in music, or simply wants to learn more about how the music industry works. Please email for more information!


The SAT/ACT core aims to prepare students for the two main standardized tests taken by high school juniors and seniors. Modeled after successful for-profit test-prep classes, the core meets weekly to take official ACT/SAT practice exams, learn about the exams' structures, and strengthen key skills in reading, English, math, and science. While many colleges and universities require one of these tests for admission, resources to prepare for the exams are often overwhelming in their variety and/or prohibitively expensive for many students and families. Through the core, the UIC hopes to level this playing field so students can approach the exam with confidence and preparation. Please email for more information!

Creative Writing

UIC's Creative Writing Core helps students of all skill levels to learn and improve their own creative writing. This year-long workshop teaches students how to write screenplays, stories, poems, and songs, and allows students to hone their skills in any type of creative writing. We will be reading, watching, and listening to creative writing pieces by artists of color, and the students will be able to direct their own creative writing projects. If they so choose, they can also showcase or perform their own work at a final showcase. Most public schools don't have creative writing classes, which makes it nearly impossible for creative students to practice their writing and excel in the arts. UIC hopes that this workshop will help students who are interested in creative writing explore their own voice. No experience is necessary; students of all levels are welcome to take the workshop. Please email for more information!