Computer Science

UIC's Computer Science Core aims to inspire underprivileged students to pursue opportunities in computer science by teaching them introductory web development. Our students, selected from New Haven high schools, will work in HTML/CSS and Javascript to build their own websites. By sparking an interest in computer science at such a young age, we hope to increase the number of underrepresented students pursuing opportunities in the tech world. Computer Science is a rapidly growing field, yet it still greatly lacks in diversity. Through the workshop, UIC hopes to encourage minorities to join the tech industry as developers, designers, and programmers.


The Urban Improvement Music Core aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of music from an artistic as well as a business standpoint, through investigation music production, and music business/the music industry. This sort of program is unique in its broad approach to music and perfect for any high schooler who is considering pursuing a career in music. The Music Core plans on bringing in professional musicians as guest speakers, and providing its students with music production materials in the hopes of expanding participants’ conceptions of music creation and business.