Deborah Monti

Deborah was raised in the heart of Pittsburgh, where she learned to love the history and vibrancy of her own city and neighborhood. The daughter of two Uruguayan immigrants, she grew up in a bilingual household, and could always count on there being some fainá or asado on the kitchen counter. She attended large public schools before coming to Yale (including the same high school as Wiz Khalifa), where she was heavily involved in journalism. She also volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at a ceramics class, where she taught students how to make pottery on the wheel and create free-hand sculptures.

Outside of UIC Deborah is a member of the Exit Players, an improvisational comedy group. She also makes content for Herald Audio—the radio journalism segment of The Yale Herald—and is part of Telltale, which puts on several storytelling events throughout the school year. She studies History, and is especially interested in human rights and legal studies. She hopes to go into law or politics after graduation, but is still exploring the different possibilities. 

Fun fact: Deborah is a huge fan of breakfast cereal, and will sometimes eat it for all three meals of the day.