Dustin is a sophomore at Yale who is originally from San Diego, CA. He is from City Heights, the inner-city of San Diego where there exists a diverse and urban immigrant community. Growing up there, he has learned how much more important education is for the urban youth. His school struggles with sending kids to four-year colleges because there are not many good influences in the area. At Urban Improvement Corps, Dustin hopes to become a good influence for his mentees so that they develop good habits and a greater appreciation for education.

Dustin's experience with teaching comes from his passion for equality. At his high school, there are not many AP courses offered because the demand is low and the school is underfunded. After self-studying many AP courses, Dustin worked as the head teacher for the AP Calculus BC course at his school in order to solve a part of this problem. His course was accredited and in the end more than half of his students passed the AP exam.

At Yale, he is continuing his passion by working for UIC as a mentor. Dustin was also hired by Educatrium, an innovative education startup that helps underprivileged international students. During his first summer in college, Dustin worked two internships. One of them was at Achievement First, a new model of public charter schools focused on closing the achievement gap for low-income and minority children.

Fun fact: Dustin is a breakdancer.