Eddie Joe Antonio

Eddie Joe is a freshman at Yale College. He is from a home in Brooklyn, New York where a loud Sunday family dinner would often end in a cannoli desert combined with salsa dancing. His mixed heritage informs his worldview and features prominently in his values of diversity and the uniqueness of each individual. A fluent Spanish speaker and intermediate level Francophone, Eddie Joe’s dream world is a thriving, vibrant, multi-cultural community not unlike parts of his hometown.

Coupled with his love for diverse cultures, Eddie Joe is passionate about education as a force for societal improvement, love, and understanding. He dreams of one day participating in the Peace Corps and considers a career as an educator. Eddie Joe has experienced firsthand—through daily volunteer work with a special education school—the valuable impact that engaging with others can have. Beyond his work as a Peer Partner, he has volunteered as in a mentorship program, led a Latino cultural group, helped execute a charitable walk for cancer, and spends a lot of his free time playing jazz trumpet.

Fun fact:  Eddie Joe loooooooooves beets, prepared just about any way, and wishes he could find more beet lovers to cook with.