Gwendolyn Wallace

Gwendolyn is a first-year from Danbury, CT, a town about 40 minutes away from New Haven. She attended boarding school in New Hampshire before coming to Yale, where she was involved with peer tutoring, social justice organizations, Big Sib Little Sib, and track and field. Though she is not quite sure of what she wants to major in yet, she’s thinking of pursuing the Neuroscience major and participating in the Multidisciplinary Program for Human Rights. She also really wants to go abroad at some point during her time at Yale, though she’s not sure where yet. 

Her interest in teaching comes from all the amazing teachers and mentors she’s had throughout her life that were so critical to her identity formation. She believes education plays a key role in how we view ourselves and our own abilities, and access to great resources and mentors can make a huge difference from a young age. She is also inspired to teach by her twelve-year-old brother who has struggled significantly in school due to a number of learning disabilities. It is important to her that we realize that people learn in all different ways, and no one way is any better than another. 

In her free time, she can be found writing, reading, and exploring New Haven for new places to eat. Here at Yale, she is also involved in STARS (Science, Technology, and Research Scholars), the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project, and the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association. 

Fun fact: Gwendolyn doesn’t drink coffee, but loves trying new types of teas.