Kenia Hale

Kenia is a first year at Yale from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a prospective Computer Science major, and is also looking into Afro American studies. Kenia attended Solon High School where she ran cross country and was editor of the school’s literary magazine. Additionally, she served as a freshman mentor and volunteered in the Create a Safe School program, routinely traveling to middle schools and talking to students about bullying. Kenia was fortunate to have many amazing mentors and supporters throughout her public school education, and is looking forward to providing that same support to students in the New Haven area. Kenia is also serving as a teaching assistant for the computer science core for UIC, and is excited to teach students all about what computer science has to offer! Along with UIC, Kenia is in the STARS (Science, Technology and Research Scholars) program, which provides mentorship to minority first year students in STEM. In her free time, Kenia loves to read and listen to Solange.

Fun fact - Kenia’s name comes from a combination of her parents’ names, Kenneth and Semia