Kevin Sanaycela

Kevin is a first-year in Pauli Murray College from Queens, New York. He is the son of Ecuadorian immigrants and has one younger sister currently in high school. He is a member of Prep for Prep, an academically rigorous organization that gives low-income students of color and their families access to independent schools in NYC. He attended The Dalton School, where he was heavily involved in tutoring programs both at Dalton and in Harlem, leading Dalton's Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness as Co-President, and theater. Kevin is currently looking into Neuroscience or Cognitive Science as potential majors.

Kevin was brought up with education as being the means by which the American Dream is achieved. Education is ultimately multi-dimensional. He has discovered (through the help of mentors), that education is also the means to self-exploration and empowerment not only as a student, but as an individual. Having attended both private and public school, he has seen how that empowerment can oftentimes be spurred by a lack of resources, systematic inequities, extenuating family circumstances, or even a language barrier. Kevin hopes to help his tutees discover the power of education as being the key to igniting and reaffirming that self-exploration and empowerment. 

Fun Fact: Kevin hopes to be trilingual in English, Spanish and Chinese (he can speak Spanish fluently) by the age of 25.