Lysander is from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and attended the Cambridge School of Weston, where he served as a student representative to the board of trustees and ran the school’s Model UN organization. Lysander has a diverse range of interests, from politics and international relations to history and literature, but is especially interested in physics. In high school, he conducted research at an applied physics lab at Harvard on improving the efficiency of solar panels using lasers, and used a computer program to simulate the behavior of invisibility cloaks.

Lysander has a passion for teaching, partly inspired by his parents. His father is a college professor and his mother worked as a preschool teacher and administrator for several years. For fun, Lysander likes to windsurf, a skill he learned as a camper at YMCA camp fuller. In the past several years, he has worked as a counselor at the same camp and has taught children of all ages how to windsurf.