Mauricio Giron

Mauricio is a first generation Latino American whose parents immigrated to the Washington, DC region from El Salvador in Central America.  He is the first in his family to attend college, having gone to the University of Maryland – College Park where he graduated with honors earning degrees in Accounting and Finance.  Mauricio went on to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (“PwC”) for eight years prior pursuing his Masters in Business Administration (“MBA”) at the Yale School of Management.

Growing up in an immigrant community learning to navigate the United States rhythm of life and cope with the economic realities of establishing roots in a new country, Mauricio has witnessed first-hand the transformative power of an undergraduate education and the opportunities it affords in the workplace and beyond.  During his academic and professional journey, he has never lost sight of the numerous mentors who helped him through this unfamiliar process.  As a result, in both his personal and professional life, Mauricio has sought to pay it forward by working on initiatives focused on youth higher education/college preparedness and financial literacy.  Some examples of efforts in which Mauricio has taken part include: 

  • At the University of Maryland, Mauricio served as an Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education peer mentor for incoming first-generation college students.
  • At PwC, he was: (1) a coach for PwC Start, a program designed to introduce high performing diverse college students to PwC and the world of business via a summer internship; (2) a student mentor for PwC Impact, a program aimed at preparing and placing academically talented African American and Latino high school juniors in college; and (3) a teacher for Project Belize, a PwC youth financial literacy initiative in Belize City, Belize.
  • At Yale, Mauricio is a liaison for The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management ( whose mission it is to increase the representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in American business schools and corporate management.  His role entails ensuring existing members are prepared for the academic rigor of their MBA, as well as live the Consortium’s mission statement through service in their community.

In partnership with the UIC, Mauricio looks forward to continuing inspiring future generations of college students to achieve their full potential in life and make a transformative impact in their family and community.