Ray Johnson

Ray is a first year in Hopper College at Yale University. His prospective major is Ethics, Politics, and Economics.
Born in Philadelphia, PA on March 13th, 1999, Rayshawn Antoine Johnson Jr. came into this world with a mandate. The name “Rayshawn” means “God’s gracious light.” By these words, Rayshawn traverses through life looking to be an example to those who need it. Rayshawn wants to be an exemplar of what his nickname, Ray, signifies: light.

Rayshawn was born to African American parents who are natives to Philadelphia as well. They grew up hard, with trials and tribulations being the marking features of their childhood rather than toys and treats. His parents therefore decided that they would provide only the best opportunities for their two sons. They dedicated their parenting to becoming the shoulders by which the two boys could rise on. Rayshawn attended various Philadelphia charter schools from Kindergarten to 4th grade before attending the illustrious JR Masterman Middle and High School for the rest of his pre-collegiate academic career. During his time in school, Ray lead or helped lead groups such as the African American Cultural Committee, the peer counseling group, and student government. The Philadelphia School District mandates a year of African American history for students to graduate. This was Ray’s best subject. Social sciences and language arts continue to be Ray’s favorite subjects.

Ray hopes that through the UIC, he is able to go forth on his mandate to be a light unto others. Ray is passionate about servicing the community, especially doing his part to ensure the success of the next generation. In Philadelphia, Ray worked as a Teen Leadership Assistant for the Philadelphia Free Library. His experience working for and with children lent an interesting and important perspective on how local politics, policies, and philosophies actually play out on most basic level. Ray hopes that he can not only teach and help nurture the youth of New Haven, but also learn something about himself in the process.

Ray loves Philadelphia sports. The Sixers (basketball) are his favorite sports team, with the Phillies (baseball) , Flyers (hockey), and Eagles (football) tied for a close second.

In summation, Ray is here. Ray is dedicated. Ray is ready to work.