Renee Su

Renee is a beach-loving, dog chasing, first year tutor from Orange County, California. Growing up as the single child of two immigrant doctors, education has always played a formative role in her life. As a child, she was taught by her parents that through education, anything is possible. It was how they were able to build a new life for themselves in a new country. She took this to heart throughout her academic career. Renee attended high school at Orange County School of the Arts, where she was formally educated in creative writing. In addition to her arts education, Renee taught creative writing, academic writing, and English to ESL students in Taiwan. She was also heavily involved in community service clubs that supported foundations for youth education like Live2Learn. 

Being a Californian at heart, Renee enjoys skateboarding down the Laguna Beach bike trail and lounging in coffee shops with a book in her hands and a dog at her feet. At Yale, she can still be found toting around a skateboard while hunting for her new favorite coffee haven.

Renee is excited to be a part of UIC because she has seen firsthand the importance and power of education, first through the lives of her parents and then through the lives of her students. In working with her students she hopes to use education not only as a tool for school, but also as a tool for expanding worldview. She hopes that her tutees will walk away with the same lesson she learned when she was younger: that through education anything is possible. 

Fun Fact-Renee has visited every beach (all 27) in Orange County!