Shafeeq Ibraheem

Shafeeq is from Piscataway, New Jersey and attended the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison. There he was the Captain of the Varsity Swim Team, the President of the Photoshop Club, and the Chairman of the Judiciary Board. His senior year of high school he conducted an independent research project on artificial intelligence, building an Arduino-based robot.

Shafeeq is heavily involved in the computer science community at Yale. He is an organizer of YHack, Yale’s premier hackathon and one of the largest hackathons in the country. Through YHack he helped organize CodeBlue, Yale’s first annual computer science learnathon for local high school students. Shafeeq conducts research in the Computer Architecture and Security Lab, using FPGA boards to test the efficiency of cryptographic algorithms. He also serves as a Course Assistant for CS50, Yale’s new introductory computer science class.

Shafeeq hopes to increase the accessibility of computer science education by heading UIC’s programming core. Through his experiences in the tech community Shafeeq has seen the benefits of an early start; giving students a solid CS foundation early in their careers makes it less intimidating going forward. Shafeeq hopes his students will see the possibilities of a career in CS, building interest in paths they previously wouldn’t have considered.