Simon Soros

Simon is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College. He is from and grew up in London, U.K., attending Wellington College for high school, where he was editor of the school magazine and Head of House. While there, he experienced tremendous growth as an individual as a result of excellent mentoring and he is excited to pay that forward. 

At Yale, Simon plays for the Rugby team and serves as the Social Media manager. He also volunteers for Bridges ESL, a program which teaches English to immigrants, and writes for the Record, the Politic, and Rumpus. He is a member of Every Vote Counts, a political organization working to end gerrymandering and is also involved in the Yale Refugee Project, and the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project. Last year, he worked as a tutor for Flyte Tutoring. Most excitingly, however, he is the founder of the group Simons at Yale, which is a group of all the Simons at Yale. 

On the side, Simon is a fan of soccer, gun control, philosophy, and making more realistic workout schedules.