Tahj Lakey

Tahj is a first-year in Trumbull College who is interested in double-majoring in “Ethnicity, Race, and Migration” and “Environmental Studies”. He was born in Bellflower, California and grew up in various cities within the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties including: Long Beach, Inglewood, and Victorville. He is the oldest of 9 siblings, and is conscious of his responsibility to be a positive role model for them at all times.

Tahj attended predominately low-income public schools before attending Yale, and the experiences he had during these years shaped his ideology as it relates to pedagogy and educational equity. He also conducted research his senior year in high school on the “White Savior Complex in Urban Education”, analyzing the effects Eurocentric teaching practices have on students of color in public schools. Needless to say, Tahj is extremely passionate about education reform and the intersections of social justice, community, and schooling.

Tahj has held many leadership positions in high school and has done community outreach work with grassroots educational organizations like “The People’s Education Movement” and “Angelenos Organizing for Education”. Therefore, he is excited to tutor, mentor, and (most importantly) reaffirm the value and self-worth each of his UIC students possesses.