Theo Miller

Theo is a senior in Trumbull College from Brooklyn, New York. He attended the Beacon School, where he captained the soccer team and pursued his passion for art. Outside of school, Theo played soccer for many nationally ranked teams, while also volunteering at a local middle school and the Ascend Charter School in Brownsville, New York. Having transitioned from a small private middle school to a much larger, more diverse public high school, Theo has witnessed firsthand the systematic marginalization of disadvantaged students. 

Theo’s passion for tutoring stems from his youngest sister’s difficult experiences with formal education. Although incredibly bright, she was ignored by her teachers due to her dyslexia. After years of neglect in the classroom, it was the care and attention of a private tutor which was catalyst to her development.

At Yale, Theo is on the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team, and is a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He is a prospective Political Science major, with his main interests being politics, history, and art. 

Fun fact: Theo once ate 24 donuts in an hour.